mysore Las Vegas

Mysore class: Monday-thursday 7-9:15am

Mysore, named after the energetic city in South India is the traditional approach to Ashtanga yoga where the practitioner receives one on one instruction of  breath and movement as they move through a sequence of postures. When you do not know what you are doing next, your attention will always be on your teacher taking the focus off of yourself. In this class, the student memorizes the sequence of postures and develops a self practice allowing themselves to focus internally bringing a great depth of awareness, clarity, and internal strength. Through the focus on drishti (looking point) and correct use of breath and movement (vinyasa), this method guides the practitioner to a deep meditative state. This practice does not favor the physically strong and will not shadow any weak spots in the practitioner. Come any time between the 7-9:15am time frame giving yourself enough time to practice. Opening chant starts at 7:30am.


LED primary series class & DISCUSSION: friday 7:30-9:30am

Ashtanga Led Primary is not for learning the Ashtanga sequence or postures. This class is for students with an already established Mysore practice. Ashtanga Led helps to establish the correct rhythm of breath and vinyasa count- when to inhale and when to exhale as we move in and out of the postures. It is an essential compliment to a regular Mysore practice. Led class is an opportunity to increase both our internal and external strength, our relationship with the traditional lineage, and surrendering to the method's count and pacing. 


120$ per month unlimited

110$ 3x per week per month

90$ per month for college students

(extra 10$ off with autopay)

130$ 10 class pass (for students with an already established practice)

(valid for 3 months)

15$ drop in (for students with an already established practice)

Private instruction is available. contact me for more information.


For students new to this practice.. 

No you do not need to know the Ashtanga yoga sequence to come to class. You do not need to know anything about yoga at all. Your first class will generally last between 20-40 minutes. Ashtanga is an ancient healing method that creates a lot of heat in the body, so you may sweat a little bit, or if you're like me- a lot! There will be repetition of postures to help you establish your own practice. You will see other people doing different postures- the postures that they are doing may even look a bit challenging. Do not feel intimidated as we all started this practice as a beginner. Please come any time between 7-9:15am time frame giving yourself enough time to practice. You can also start any day during the month. 

90$ first month to students who are new to the practice.

A commitment of minimum 3 days per week is required. 




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